June 2017 OvrC Release – Global Dashboard, Notification Enhancements, & More

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  • Cnicholson@rlcint.com

    Now that is some progress.

  • Gene Frechette

    Love it! Keep developing it further. So awesome

  • Sweet! Love it!

  • Arthur Dreese

    Looking and working great! I love the enhancements and features.

    At the moment I can’t seem to use the map unless every single customer’s address is filled in.
    At the moment I don’t have every field filled in and so it won’t let me skip the input process.
    It would be nice to skip that so that I can still use the map if I don’t have every bit of info put into the fields.

  • Amazing work!!! Thanks to the team for the continued enhancements. Gigabit ISP monitoring would be a nice to have when possible.

  • You should only need to input the first address to start using the map feature. If you input one location’s ISP and Address and click the Save button in that line, you should then be able to click over to the Map View in the left navigation and see this address on the map.

    The Unverified Address menu is available to enter customer addresses and ISP info as time permits, so they can be keyed in when it is convenient for your business.

    Thanks for your question!

  • You guys kick ass thanks for all the great products and improvements! Keep em’ comin!

  • Can’t seem to figure out how to add company logo for OvrC Home yet nor the ability to add a phone number where clients can call in app…

  • Heya Mark!

    You can add company information to OvrC Home through the account tab. Click on the icon that looks like a building and you should see a tab titled ‘OvrC Home Info’.

    Thanks for your question!

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