August 2018 OvrC Release – Gigabit OvrC Pro Hub & Improved Speed Tests

OvrC 300 Pro Hub
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  • I saw the automatic speed test results suddenly jump up to “normal” levels over the weekend and knew something had happened, but I’m glad to see and hear the Ookla implementation happened. Congratulations!

    A gem not mentioned here was that it appears that each Hub did two updates on it’s own Saturday morning without having to be done on our end.
    Was this really the case (automatically push updates to OVRC devices?) and if so, will this (or similarly schedulable updates/times) be a feature coming to other devices?

  • Thanks Art! Yes, the Ookla partnership has definitely improved speed test results, for both the old and new Hub models. Glad you’re seeing improvements!

    We’ve been doing automated firmware updates to the Hubs for some time, but have not yet rolled this out to the other products yet. It will be a feature that we make available for other products, but we’re carefully working to give you some more controls so that it doesn’t fire off when you don’t want it to for network critical devices. Thanks for the feedback!

  • Will the new gigabit hub have a different model name than the existing one offered with out gigabit?

  • There were some hiccups with the new OvrC release last weekend. It would have been nice to at least get an email with the planned changes and have knowledge of the updates BEFORE the push. Please consider this next time and with all future updates.

  • Yes, Andres. The new gigabit Hub will have a model name of OVRC-300-PRO. The older Hub will retain the OVRC-200-PRO model name. Thanks for your question.

  • Thank you! We’ve been waiting for both the Gigabit hub model, and improvements to the speed tests for quite some time! All our client locations look to be reporting accurate bandwidths now.

  • Impressive! I was shocked when I saw it!!!

  • Nice job OvrC team! Keep going!

  • Will do. Thanks Gregory!

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