Revolutionary OvrC Pro Changes & April 2017 OvrC Release

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  • this is great news!

  • When is this going live? specifically the Sonos stuff

  • All of this is live as of 04/20, be sure to upgrade your hub firmware to see the new features!


  • How safe is it to do a firmware update over the network ?

  • This is really exciting stuff. The network info on sonos and C4 is HUGE

  • Jeff gosselin

    The new firmware still doesn’t support sonos

  • This is great news. Now that OVRC Home will be a lot more common on our jobs, I have a question. Will the OVRC Home app work with with no internet connection? In other words, if a customer is at home, and the local network is still working, but their internet has gone out, will they be able to use the OVRC Home app to reset the modem/router plugged into a wattbox IP?

  • Hey Jeff – please check the local UI of the Hub to see the Sonos integrations. We’re planning to make this available in OvrC soon, but in the mean time, all the powerful capabilities can be accessed from the local UI of the Hub.

  • Glad that you’ll be using OvrC Home more! We definitely hope that you see the benefits that many of other users saw, which is reducing the number of support calls for simple issues. Your question is an excellent one. OvrC Home requires connectivity to the devices through the cloud, so it will not work when the entire site is down. However, we recommend using the auto-reboot feature of the WattBox to address that scenario. I hope that helps!

  • No risk at all. We run through rigorous testing to make sure the firmware updates are robust and reliable before releasing it. Even in the small chance that it fails, the Hub will revert back to the old firmware. It is also important to note that since the Hub is not a critical device on the network, the client will not experience anything different while all of this occurs. Thanks!

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