December 2017 OvrC Release – Network Controls with Araknis Products

OvrC Team


  • Thanks for the hard work and putting this polished release out…been testing it here in the shop with our WiFi devices and works soo much better than the beta version did.

    Question, why does the pausing/scheduling of the network access not extend to wired devices ie. the iMac in Johnny’s bedroom? Would be great as you could also shut network access down on other wired devices like the AppleTV in the kids playroom, or ROKU TV in little Mandy’s Room, or the XBOX in Little Peter’s room, etc.?

  • Hi Kent,

    Currently our Network Access Control feature is limited to our family of wireless access points. We are looking into updating our router lineup in the near future, which will include Network Access control for wired devices as part of the roadmap. Thank you for your question, and we hope we can continue to exceed your expectations.

  • Would there be a way of restricting/limiting the Guest network, but not the main, or treating each separately?
    I have a client who would like the Guest wifi network to have content filters and the likes, but not the main wifi.

  • It doesn’t work over the wired connections, because the filtering and management is done by the wireless access points. Not the router or network switch. The WAP’s have no control over the hard-wire connections.

  • This is a feature we could use as well.

  • Will the wired switched be supported in the future? Some clients have their kids computers or XBoxes on the wired network and they would like to shut those down as well. Would be a great addition to this feature set.

  • Exactly, Jesse. We are looking into expanding this to wired devices when the new router line become available later this year.

  • Thank you for the feedback, Arthur. We will take this back to R&D and evaluate this for a future release.

  • Gary, we are looking into incorporating wired devices into our next line for routers, slated for later this year. Thanks for your question!

  • How much data is sent about your customers with this installed?

  • Hi John! With parental controls installed, this will not send any customer website/app access to OvrC, as the MAC filtering is handled by the Wireless Access Points. We do not record any information on what is accessed. Thanks for your question!

  • Any update as to the wired devices support? Last message was March of 2018. Was it update in the new routers?

  • Hey Chris,

    Currently wired devices control is not supported through OvrC Home. This is on our roadmap to support it with the X10 routers and we hope to deliver this functionality in the coming months.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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